Relationship Red Flags


Relationship Red Flags

Past history of cheating. You don't have to look for flags if you learn that your new love interest attracted any of these 3 things to their relationships. What you do need to do is ask yourself whether you are willing to maintain a relationship where you'll be abused, cheated on, or need to take care of their addiction. It's not an issue of believing these things may affect you. They'll influence you. The only hope for these 3 red flags to turn into a CAUTION, sign, from a STOP, sign, is whether they are working a program for change and accept liability.

The red flag is problematic while dependence, abuse, and cheating can weave its way through a connection in ways which aren't always a complete connection deal breaker. Past history of criminal activity. You can presume they were guilty of whatever narrative they spin if you learn that the person spent time in jail and you are dating has a history. That holds true for any order of security for domestic or stalking violence. In these cases, our system has done of discovering this person has a red flag in their history, the work. They take no personal responsibility. This individual only has excuses for why they do not have a job, and cannot keep a job or money in the bank.

They take no liability for their previous relationship breakups. Nothing is ever their fault. They've poor conflict resolution skills. Similar to not taking personal liability, they constantly blame you for the connection troubles, nothing is ever their fault, plus they do not apologize. Unless of course, you are ok with being a doormat in this connection, do not let this individual wipe their dirty legs on you. They're controlling. Nobody has the right to let you know how to dress, who to be buddies with, and once you can or cannot spend some time with your loved ones. The problem with controlling personalities is which whenever they do not get their way, anger and abuse may easily follow. There's mistrust within the relationship. In case your instincts are telling you which this new person in your life cannot be trusted, there might be something going behind your back.


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