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Relationship Dominance
DOMINANCE is among seven potential goals in life, preferred by a soul before taking birth. Whereas people who have an objective of Growth seek to be changed in their own expertise, people that have Dominance seek to change the world. And whereas those with Acceptance seek compatible relationships, together with Dominance there is a need for imbalanced relationships wherein one leads and others follow. The character of what one sets out to reach on earth is purely an issue of choice, which subsequently will be a manifestation of ones personal maturity and degree of development. An older soul could be just as prominent as a soul that is younger, but the attention of will what it is they want to reach in life will likely be quite distinct.

A prominent youthful soul, for instance, might run a law firm, while a prominent old soul might run Zen monastery. The objective of Dominance would ideal in both circumstances. Having the objective of Dominance – Average traits: determined, assertive, strong willed, forwards, Domineering, pushy – If you've got an objective of Dominance, then you will often want to be responsible for matters and a decision to get results. People with an objective of Dominance feel driven to stand in the positions of influence or leadership they'd like to be the root cause of what occurs, the prime mover, the person who gets things done.

They usually prefer to get the top dog, the head honcho, the boss. What they put themselves accountable for might get anything from the family home to school class room To a global empire regardless of the scale or circumstance, Dominance is about the degree of influence within that circumstance. The objective of Dominance is the most extrovert of all of the goals. Not all extroverts have the goal of Dominance, however. Extraversion is really an umbrella term as a many different outwardly focused character traits, including gregariousness and talkativeness. Those with Dominance aren't necessarily gregarious or talkative. Rather, they have a tendency to be determined and assertive.

With the objective of Dominance can add this extraverted dimension to an otherwise introverted spirit character. A naturally introverted Scholar, for instance, will appear somewhat extraverted if she or he Has the objective of Dominance in life cases include Margaret Thatcher, Alan Greenspan along with Al Gore. (Incidentally, having Dominance as a goal might sound very comparable to being a King spirit essence, but there's a key difference. With an objective of Dominance means seeking power, but King souls don't necessarily attempt power they naturally exude power as default power quality.

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